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Naturist massage - sensual eroticism for men and women

Naturist massage

What is a naturist massage?

Naturist massage or undraped massage is a sensual massage where you and your therapist are as nature intended, skin only. This puts both client and therapist on the same natural level.

Many people prefer to be nude during a massage as this is a way to forget about the outside world, no stress, expectations, shame, worries, negativity that holds you down or strangles you.

All our massages including sensual massage, massage for women and Lingam massage are naturist.  

Can I touch you?

No, this is about you enjoying what your body has to offer.  Your therapist uses their body to stimulate eroticism and sexual energy.  There is no intimate touching of your therapist although it is natural to reach and touch/ stroke non sexual areas.  It’s important to bear in mind, this is not an escort service; there are no ‘extras’.

Are there any other benefits to naturist massage?

It’s very liberating. You can forget about life for a while and just enjoy your natural body being worked and relaxed.

Will I have an orgasm during a naturist massage?

Yes, usually you’ll have a lingam massage as well which creates a build-up of sexual tension with different types of touch, 1 of which is skin on skin.

Why are sessions longer than a normal massage?

It can take time for your body to awaken to the new experiences and if you rush things you’ll end up going through the motions without any of the real benefits.  

I’d like to come for a couple’s naturist massage with my partner – is this possible?

Of course, we can think of nothing more beautiful and special between a couple than experiencing melting in to a beautiful awakening experience together.  You can be in the same room or adjoining ones as you both receive your naturist massage and experience different textures, flowing strokes and pressures; tingle under sensational caresses and pure conscious touch.  We’ll bring you even closer together with a naturist ritual to connect your sacred spaces together to further heighten your wonderful couple’s naturist massage.

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Where will I have my Naturist massage?

We are based in Essex / East London, near Romford.  

We have completely private therapy rooms without any neon lights etc.  There is private off street parking.  

What will happen during the Naturist massage?

Your whole experience will start with a short chat about your health and what you require from your naturist massage.

You can then get undressed and wait for the therapist to enter the room.

What do I do during my massage?

Nothing, except be prepared to indulge yourself and let go and receive the pleasure to its full that will be bestowed on you.  This is about you receiving a beautiful, life changing pleasure, so enjoy!

Can you tell me how I’ll feel afterwards?

Most people feel really relaxed, however then most people will then feel rejuvenated and full of energy and on a bit of a natural high.

Why would I not be able to have this type of massage?

There are a few illnesses which mean naturist massage would not be suitable for you.  In this instance, we would be able to suggest a suitable alternative.

What conditions are not suitable for a  massage?

Contagious or notifiable diseases

Immediately before or after surgery

Under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Immediately after chemotherapy or radiation, unless recommended by your doctor

Within the first 3 months of pregnancy

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Which part of Essex is Romford in?

This is the part of Essex that borders with East London.

Searching for your address in Essex, but can’t find it?

This is intentional. We give you enough of an idea to plan your journey through Essex, but you don’t get the full address until you have made a confirmed booking.  This means that people don’t turn up and get turned away if they don’t have an appointment.

So how should I be looking to plan my journey through Essex?

Essex the M25 motorway in Essex at either J28 or J29 and then it’s about 10 mins (depending on traffic) on the A127 or A12 towards Romford.  It’s not complicated or far from here.

That sounds like you’re on the Essex/ East London border?

Yes we are, right on the border of Essex and East London.

So are public transport links are good?

Excellent.  As we’re on the border road links are good around Essex anyway, but train and bus routes are also brilliant.

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Naturist Sensual Tantric Massage Romford Essex Naturist Sensual Tantric Massage Romford Essex

1 hour naturist £120

1.5 hour naturist £180

2 hour naturist £240

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Naturist Sensual Tantric Massage Romford Essex Naturist Sensual Tantric Massage Romford Essex