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Massage for men - sensual massage inc lingam massage

Massage for men

What is massage for men?

It’s a gentle massage that awakens your senses and inner pleasures.  You will probably have never had anything like this before and you’ll be left stunned.

You’ll feel like you’ve had a few hours out of the busy nature of life in just 1 hour and your perspective on life will be a little more relaxed than it was when you walked in.

It includes your entire body including your genitals (lingam massage) throughout.  We’re trained in tantra and have developed this massage with those principles in mind, but so that you only need to spare an hour.  

Are there any other benefits to massage for men?

Everyone is different, but the overriding feeling that people have after this is to de-stress and relax.  

You’ll feel like your energy has been recharged and also healed of many of the daily stresses of life.

If we are dealing with stress, we don’t function at full steam and our body is then fighting and dealing with the stress rather than preventing diseases.  

It’s difficult to describe, you just need to plough in and we think you’ll love it.

Will I climax during a massage for men?

It’s more than likely if you don’t have any pre-existing conditions, but with these things nothing is every guaranteed!  Stage fright can be a wonderful thing. The best thing is not to put any pressure on this. Go with the flow and what will be will be. You will certainly experience feelings that you didn’t know were possible.  We’ve had men come in who are in the 70’s and have never felt anything in their life like the feelings they had during their massage for men.

Why are sessions longer than a normal massage?

Why not?  It’s such a beautiful experience, why would you not want to extend it if you have the time?

Where will I have my massage for men?

We are based in Essex/ East London, near Romford. 

We’re completely private and understated.  Your therapy room has no neon lights.  We’re a professional set up that takes the needs of our clients privacy in to account at all times.

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What will happen during the massage for men?

Several techniques can be used in massage for men. Your therapist will be male for a female and female for male clients.

We are fully qualified massage therapists. The difference between a massage for men and muscular massages is that we use gentle touch to relax and soothe you.  We don’t work deep in to your muscles.

We use a variety of different touches on your skin to create heightened sensory awareness which results in pleasures unlike anything you’ve probably ever felt before.

What should I do during my session?

Nothing, you just lie down, relax and try to shut off as much as you can from the world.  We’ll help with that so that at the end you feel like a totally new person.

Can I touch you during my session?

No.This is not an escort service and should not be mistaken as such so no intimate touching is allowed.  Your therapist is just that and whilst we are also naked during the session, this is for heightened sensory pleasure.  There is no intimate touching of us and extras will not be provided.

How will I feel after my session?

Most people feel really relaxed after a massage for men, however then most people will then feel rejuvenated and full of energy and on a bit of a natural high.

Why would I not be able to have a massage for men?

There are a few illnesses which mean massage for men would not be suitable for you.  We can help with making sure you choose the right session for you.

What conditions are not suitable for a massage for men?

Contagious or notifiable diseases

Immediately before or after surgery

Under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Immediately after chemotherapy or radiation, unless recommended by your doctor

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What’s it like getting to your place in Essex via public transport?

Totally fine.  We are based in zone 6 so it’s a 30 min max train journey out of Liverpool Street to our place here in Romford, Essex.  If you want to get buses, we’re about a minutes walk from the bus stop and buses are regular, every 5 to 10 minutes.

Where in Essex is Romford?

Right on the border of East London and Essex.  We’re between the road intersections of the A12 and A127 in to Romford, Essex.  

I’m looking all over for your address and even searched Google maps for Essex, but nothing?

The address isn’t on the website.  We send it through when you book to avoid people taking a drive in to Essex expecting us to be able to accommodate them when they haven’t made an appointment.  We only work on a booking basis so this can disappoint.  We’ll send the address through once you book.

So how should I be looking to plan my journey through Essex?

We’re easy from main roads.  If you’re coming on the M25 then you take J28 or J29 and follow the A12 or A127 towards Romford.  You’ll be with us in 10 to 20 minutes traffic depending.  Always best to check your route first though, like any major town and county, Romford and Essex can get clogged up at rush hour without any warning.

Are you on the Essex/ East London border?

Yes we are, right on the border of Essex and East London.

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Massge for Men Romford Essex Massge for Men Romford Essex Massge for Men Romford Essex Massge for Men Romford Essex

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Massge for Men Romford Essex Massge for Men Romford Essex