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Couples massage - sensual naturist couples experience

1 hour naturist £240

1.5 hour naturist £360

2 hour naturist £480

Couples massage

What is couples massage?

You can enjoy your couples massage in one of two ways, in separate rooms with the door closed for privacy or open so you can see and hear each other.  You will each have your own therapist, male for the female and the other way around.  We don’t cater for gay couples.

The difference between this and a couples massage you will receive when you go to a standard spa, is that you and your therapist is naked and your entire body is included in the massage.  This helps you to discover intimate sensations through gentle touch.  

People find this erotic and sensual as the thought of your partner being massaged by someone else at the same time as your body awakens to new and safe touch can be extremely exciting.

What will happen during a couples massage?

Through gentle touch we seek to awaken your body to the sensual pleasures that we bury with our busy lives and instead take a bit of time to tap in to the core of your senses.  The result is a completely personal experience either together or separate.

Just imagine... you and your partner completely relaxed in each others company possibly able to see each other whilst you are both experience the liberating joy of a massage that awakens both of your senses. All massage can be adapted to suit you and if there is anything that at any point you are uncomfortable with then you just say and we adapt or stop depending on how you feel.

Are there any other benefits to couples massage?

Couples touch has so much power over the body.  Just a simple and gentle touch can recharge and heal your depleted energies.  Through reviving them you naturally can feel more happiness, contentedness, cheerfulness, comfort, pleasure and ecstasy.

A couples body massage allows you to experience this level of satisfaction, teaching your body how to respond differing touch and can help us feel recharged again.  If we are dealing with stress, we don’t function at full steam and our body is then fighting and dealing with the stress rather than preventing diseases.  

Will I have an orgasm during a couples massage?

Most likely yes, but you may two sessions are the same and it very much depends how you feel on the day. The main aim of a couples massage is not to specifically give you an orgasm although your genitals are included with a yoni and lingam massage so it could happen. Bear in mind, ladies may require longer than an hour on their first session as it takes a while to settle down and relax which is essential for this sensory experience.

It is more about experiencing beautiful sensory feelings together without having to reciprocate as in normal life.  

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How long do you recommend for a couples massage?

1.5 hours is the minimum time we’d recommend if this is the first time that you have been.  Particularly for ladies, it takes a while to relax in to the session – it’s just how we’re built!  Until you relax completely then you won’t get the full benefits of the session so we need to allow time for this.

Once you’ve been to visit us a few times in Essex, you should be fine cutting back the time, but it’s a question of whether you will want to!

We have specific requirements, can you do these?

It depends, but give us a call and we can chat through the options and work out what we can do.

Where will I have my couples massage?

You’ll be in professional treatment rooms in Essex/ East London, near Romford.  

Your couples massage will be in two completely private but adjoining therapy rooms.  The choice of whether to have the door open or closed is totally down to you - and you can change your mind mid massage too.

We don’t display any signs, other than that for our holistic therapy business on the outside.

What will happen during the couples massage?

Once you arrive at our specialist treatment rooms in Essex, you’ll meet your therapist.

You’ll have 1 male and 1 female therapist that will each work with the alternate gender.  You’ll get changed in a different room to your therapist but with your partner, your therapists will also be naked so we’re all on a level.  Then you’ll each lie on your massage table and shout when you are ready for your therapists to enter.

You’ll be in adjoining rooms so you can choose to have the door open or closed.

We’ll use different forms of gentle touch to stimulate your senses.  This heightened awareness means you experience things you’ve probably not felt before.  

Your entire body will be included within the massage including your genital area. This is called a yoni massage for females and lingam massage for males.

In a word, this is all about the sensuality of you and your partner.  Some people feel this is erotica at its extreme, whilst for others we’re simply making your body aware of the world around you – experiencing this at the same time as your partner in a couples massage can be the most fantastic and awakening experience a couple can encounter together.

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What shall I do, is there anything I need to be aware of?

You need to do nothing except lie down and relax as much as you can. This helps your body to adapt quickly to the touch that it experiences and heightens your pleasure.

Can I touch you during my couples massage?

Your therapists will be naked and you will feel their body as it brushes lightly over yours to stimulate sexual energy and eroticism. However, this is purely a sensual massage experience and you are not able to intimate touch. There are no additional services provided.

Why would I not be able to this?

There are a few illnesses which mean couples massage would not be suitable for you.  In this instance, we would be able to suggest a suitable alternative.

What conditions are not suitable?

Contagious or notifiable diseases

Immediately before or after surgery

Under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Immediately after chemotherapy or radiation, unless recommended by your doctor

Within the first 3 months of pregnancy

You’re in Essex, how easy is that to get to?

It’s really easy.  We’re just off the M25 in Essex.  Near to the intersection of the A12 out of East London and the A127 which is the link to Central London from East Essex.

I know you’re in Essex, but I can’t find an address?

Yes we work on an appointment only basis, so whilst we give you a general idea of Essex etc, once you make your booking we will send you full details then.

I’m not sure where Romford is in Essex

Our postcode works well in sat navs so you will be fine. If you don’t have one though, once you’ve made your booking let us know and we’ll send you full directions so you’re not driving aimlessly around Essex looking for us!  It is very easy and quick though so you’ll be fine.

I’m not from Essex, what is the traffic like?

We’re in a built up part of Essex, so like most areas, rush hours are busy.  A good idea is to go on to Google Maps at the time you will be coming and type in our postcode in Romford.  It will then give you a guide based on the traffic at that time of day.

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Couples massage a sensual naturist couples experience Couples massage a sensual naturist couples experience Couples massage a sensual naturist couples experience Couples massage a sensual naturist couples experience