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Sensual and tantric massage 07982 491392

Romford,Hornchurch, Rainham, Essex, East London

Appointments  7 days a week

When you want to book, we’ll need the following information:

Booking your sensual or tantric massage

- Ideal date

- Ideal time of day

- How long you’d like to book for

- Whether you are male or female

We’ll then come back with the nearest time and date to your ideal requirements.  

Please be specific, it helps a lot when we’re working out a diary for multiple bookings.



07982 491392

Text is often easier to answer than a call, if you need to speak with us,

please leave a message if we don’t answer right away.  

If we are working then we don’t always have time to take or return a call immediately.

Once you book, we’ll confirm the appointment with you and send address details

NB When planning your ideal appointment time, please bear in mind traffic.  We’re based in Romford, Essex, and Essex like any major town  can have heavy traffic unexpectedly.

If you arrive early, you’re more than welcome to wait on the drive until your appointment time and if we are free before then we’ll come and find you and start your appointment early.

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